April 09, 2020


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(Attention Donors: Donate Now. Please help. IPO is now opening its campaign to Donors to help the Syrian, Palestinian, Iraqi, African, Asian including Afghani Refugees in Europe and Latin America Refugees. This campaign will also help all other Refugees in the countries surrounding Syria, like Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq, and the Gaza Strip. This Winter has been very Cold in those countries. With your donations, IPO will be producingNew Sleeping Bag which was created by IPO. The Sleeping bag has a base which is inflatable by mouth like an Air Mattress, an Anti-Mosquito Net to cover the head, and is made from Water-Proof Materials to try to add comfort to the Refugee's life. It will be distributed to all the Refugees in different Sizes (three sizes for children and four sizes for adults). There is about 11 Million Refugees and that number is increasing every day). 
  1. At this time, IPO needs $17 Million Dollars in donations to make the first million of the New Sleeping bags which each bag will Cost $17 USD. These sleeping bags were made in cooperation with a Chinese company in China, to be distributing for free to all of the Refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Europe for Humanitarian Aid.
Before: Syrian refugee children Aylan Al-Kurdi and his brother Ghalib in their home before their deadly journey in the sea to escape the war
After: Aylan Al-Kurdi, the Syrian refugee, drowned with his mother, Rehan, and brother, Ghalib. Aylan washed upon the shore after their boat sunk on Sept. 2, 2015
Young child cries because he is trapped by rubble in Gaza War 7/2014
A sister crying over her dead brother after attack in Gaza War 7/2014
Family home destroyed during conflict in Gaza War
Refugee food supply and support in Gaza War
Peaceful Israeli Demonstration against Gaza War July 26, 2014
Conflict impacts all sides in Israel and in Gaza War 7/2014
Afghan refugees sit outside their tent in Islamabad, Pakistan
School provides students from difficult Socio-Economic with help of your Donations
A Vigil against the Seige of Yarmouk Refugee Syrian Camp.
A man and his child in the Central African remain at risk
A Syrian refugee mother cries because she can't find enough water and soap to wash her disabled son inside the camp in Jordan
A Syrian refugee child cries because he does not have enough water and biscuits to eat in Jordan camp
A Syrian refugee mother and her boys, in Lebanon, cry because they lost the husband/father who was buried in this tomb. The family doesn't have food or water
A Syrian refugee girl on her own crying because she is hungry and thirsty and has lost her mother in Jordan camp
Two Syrian Children Refugees alone with Nowhere to go in Lebanon
A Syrian refugee boy crying for the loss of his Father in Turkey
 The Catastrophe and the shock of the Syrian War appeared on the Face of Imran the Syrian Child which he rescued after trapped by rubble under his home in Syria                                                                                                           
     Imran the Syrian child and his sister rescued after trapped by rubble under their home in Syria     
The New Sleeping Bag for the Refugees created by IPO has an Anti-Mosquito Net
The New Sleeping Bag for the Refugees is also Water-Proof with an inflatable base
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International Peace Organization USA needs your donations of $17 Million Dollars to make the first Million of the New Sleeping Bags for the Refugees, which will cost each one $17 Dollars in the first Million of these New Sleeping Bags.These New Sleeping Bags were made in cooperation with a Chinese company in China, and will distributing  to all of the Refugees in the Middle East and Europe for Humanitarian Aid.
Young professionals have many opportunities to express themselves by utilizing their influence, insight, initiative, and innovative ideas and becoming leaders in the global community supporting international peace.
We are encouraging the empowerment of young professionals in foreign policy inclusive of Volunteers, Donors, Singers, Actors, Business People, Commercial Companies, Organizations, and others by engaging with the IPO and becoming Members. In return, these individuals will have the opportunity of receiving the Certificate of the Goodwill Ambassador of Peace USA, for their distinguished work and energetic Volunteers efforts.
We are asking all Donors to Donate for the Cause of the International Peace Organization USA which it's a Non-Profit Organization, (NGO) Non-Governmental Organization, based in Washington, D.C. Tax Deductible under 501 (C) 3 to help us cover all the needs and activities which will support the Refugees around the World for Humanitarian Aid.
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