April 10, 2020


 Singers & Actors

Angelina Jolie
Ahlam of the UAE
Nawaal of Kuwait
Britney Spears
The Catastrophe and the shock of the Syrian War appeared on the Face of Imran  the Syrian Child which he rescued after trapped by rubble under his home in Syria
Imran the Syrian child and his sister rescued after trapped by rubble under their home in Syria
The New Sleeping Bag for the Refugees created by IPO has an Anti-Mosquito Net
The New Sleeping Bag for the Refugees is also an inflatable base and Water-Proof

                            We need your help. Please Donate now.

International Peace Organization USA needs your donations of $17 Million USD to make the first Million of the new sleeping bags for the Refugees which it cost $17 Dollars each one in the first Million of these New Sleeping Bags. These Sleeping Bags were made in cooperation with a Chinese company in China. We will also be distributing Water, Food, Clothing, and Cleaning Wipes ( which has enough Soap in to wash the whole body with only a little water) to all the Refugees in Europe and in the Middle East for Humanitarian Aid.
Young professionals have many opportunities to express themselves by utilizing their influence, insight, initiative, and innovative ideas and becoming leaders in the global community supporting international peace.    

We encourage the empowerment of young professionals in foreign policy inclusive of singers, actors, business people, organizations, and others by engaging with the IPO and becoming Members. In return, these individuals will have the opportunity of receiving the Certificate of the Goodwill Ambassador of Peace USA, for their distinguished and energetic efforts.